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The introduction of urethral catheterization is a routine medical procedure used to drain the patient’s bladder. 3B Scientific® offers a wide selection of male and female urinary catheterization trainers for medical skill training. Using the clinical skill trainers, trainees will become familiar with the differences between male and female catheterization and be able to effectively practice the correct handling, insertion and changing of catheters.

Healthcare professionals, medical and nursing students can practice on catheterization trainers representing different age groups: neonatal, pediatric and adult patient simulators are offered for age specific catheterization training with different urinary catheter types.
Catheterization Simulator BASIC, female,P93B-F

Catheterization Simulator BASIC, female

From $ 390.00
Item: 1020231 [P93B-F]

Catheterization Simulator BASIC, male,P93B-M

Catheterization Simulator BASIC, male

From $ 390.00
Item: 1020232 [P93B-M]

Catheterization Simulator Set BASIC,P93B-S

Catheterization Simulator Set BASIC

From $ 390.00
Item: 1020842 [P93B-S]

Catheterization Simulator PRO, female,P93P-F

Catheterization Simulator PRO, female

From $ 390.00
Item: 1020229 [P93P-F]

Catheterization Simulator PRO, male,P93P-M

Catheterization Simulator PRO, male

From $ 390.00
Item: 1020230 [P93P-M]

Catheterization Simulator Set PRO,P93P-S

Catheterization Simulator Set PRO

From $ 390.00
Item: 1020843 [P93P-S]

Male genital insert for P93 PRO/BASIC,XP93-001

Male genital insert for P93 PRO/BASIC

$ 277.00
Item: 1020234 [XP93-001]

Female genital insert for P93 PRO/BASIC,XP93-002

Transparent Female Catheter Model,W43028F

Transparent Female Catheter Model

$ 3,500.00
Item: 1017242 [W43028F]

Transparent Male Catheter Model,W43028M

Transparent Male Catheter Model

$ 3,500.00
Item: 1017241 [W43028M]

Heart Catherization Simulator,W44015

Heart Catherization Simulator

$ 850.00
Item: 1017260 [W44015]

Life/form® Infant Male and Female Catheterization Trainer,W44755

Life/form® Infant Male and Female Catheterization Trainer

$ 192.00
Item: 1013060 [W44755]

3B Scientific® Patient Care Manikin PRO,P10/1

3B Scientific® Patient Care Manikin PRO

$ 3,344.00
Item: 1018816 [P10/1]

Nurse Training Baby, New Born,P30

Nurse Training Baby, New Born

$ 925.00
Item: 1000505 [P30]

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Male Uretheral/Suprapubic Catheterization Trainer,W19351

Male Uretheral/Suprapubic Catheterization Trainer

$ 2,519.00 $ 1,895.00
Item: 1005170 [W19351]

Penis insert for catheterization simulator,W19353

Penis insert for catheterization simulator

$ 462.00
Item: 1005172 [W19353]



$ 470.00
Item: 1005173 [W19354]

Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable,W19569

Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable

$ 5,070.00
Item: 1005243 [W19569]

Nursing Baby, SimPad capable,W19571

Nursing Baby, SimPad capable

$ 2,805.00
Item: 1005245 [W19571]

Home Care In-Service Trainer,W19586

Home Care In-Service Trainer

$ 750.00
Item: 1013718 [W19586]

Budget Female Catheter Model with Bladder,W43029

Budget Female Catheter Model with Bladder

$ 212.00
Item: W43029

Catheterization Simulator, male,W44005

Catheterization Simulator, male

$ 615.00
Item: 1005587 [W44005]

Catheterization Simulator, female,W44006

Catheterization Simulator, female

$ 628.00
Item: 1005588 [W44006]

GERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin,W44021

GERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

$ 1,700.00
Item: 1005597 [W44021]

KERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin,W44075

KERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

$ 1,700.00
Item: 1013742 [W44075]