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Calling all chemistry geeks, here's your geek gift shop!  Learn while you lather with the Periodic Table Shower Curtain. If brewing chemistry or kitchen chemistry is more your style, be sure to check out the Periodic Beer Glass or the Equal Measure Cup which is half measuring cup and half laboratory beaker. If caffeine is your favorite molecule, the Caffeine Molecular Mug is a win!  Instead of just learning to count cards for your next poker game, learn the periodic table with the Periodic Table Playing Cards.  Got a little one way beyond their ABC's - try giving them the Baby Genius Periodic Table Onesie or Baby Genius Periodic Table Toddler Tee featuring elements of the periodic table which cleverly spell BaBY GeNIUS.  Our selection of chemistry geek gifts are sure to please.  Oh yeah, did we mention our two top sellers?  Our Chemistry Cocktail Set is perfect for that next party and the Serotinin Molecular Jewelry is the perfect accessory for that next geek get together!
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Periodic Table Playing Cards, double deck,U49750P

Periodic Table Playing Cards, double deck

$ 19.00 $ 10.00
Item: U49750P

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Avogadro's Extermination T-Shirt

From $ 18.00 $ 9.32
Item: W49473L

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Periodic Table of Entertaining Glass Platter,W64042

Periodic Table of Entertaining Glass Platter

$ 8.75 $ 8.05
Item: W64042

Cool Blue Light Kit,W64086BL

Cool Blue Light Kit

$ 12.00
Item: W64086BL

Polluted - Toxic Spill Tumblers,W64517T

Polluted - Toxic Spill Tumblers

$ 20.00
Item: W64517T

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Theobromine (Chocolate) Molecular Jewelry - Earrings,W99588E

Theobromine (Chocolate) Molecular Jewelry - Earrings

$ 70.00 $ 35.00
Item: W99588E

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Under the Microscope - Testosterone Keychain,W99595T

Under the Microscope - Testosterone Keychain

$ 6.11 $ 5.46
Item: W99595T

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Under the Microscope Jewelry - Serotonin Earrings,W99596S

Under the Microscope Jewelry - Serotonin Earrings

$ 19.06 $ 17.25
Item: W99596S