DC Power Supply Unit, 2 x 16 V

U11720-115: DC Power Supply Unit, 2 x 16 V

DC Power Supply Unit, 2 x 16 V

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U11720-115 [1002766]
Dual power supply unit with digital displays for voltages and currents. The output voltage and current are continuously adjustable. Both outputs can be connected in series or parallel via a switch on the front panel. The device can be used as a constant voltage supply with current limiting or a constant current supply with voltage limiting. An additional fixed-voltage output can be set via a screwdriver potentiometer.

Output voltage: 2 x 0 to 16 V
Output current: 2 x 0 to 5 A
Output power: 2 x 80 W
Stability under full load: < 50 mV
Residual ripple: < 5 mVp-p
Connections: via 4-mm-safety jacks
Displays :4 x 3-digit LED
Accuracy: 1% + 2 digits for U,1% + 4 digits for I
Fixed-voltage output: 3 to 6 V / 2 A
Dimensions: 355 mm x 132 mm x 320 mm
Weight: 13 kg
Mains connection: 115 V, 50/60 Hz
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