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Electrotherapy is used for relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy, increase of local blood circulation, muscle rehabilitation and re-education, maintaining and increasing range of motion, and management of chronic and intractable pain. Our line of electrotherapy units range from TENS/NMES home units, professional electrotherapy stimulators, therapeutic ultrasound units, combination units and iontophoresis units.


$ 1,725.00
Item: W78000 [1018873]

Neurodyn Aussie,W78001

Neurodyn Aussie

$ 790.00
Item: W78001 [1018878]

Dermosteam 110v,W78007

Dermosteam 110v

$ 565.00
Item: W78007

Neurodyn Compact,W78008

Neurodyn Compact

$ 675.00
Item: W78008 [1018881]

Nurodyn II 4 Channel,W78009

Nurodyn II 4 Channel

$ 770.00
Item: W78009 [1018883]

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Chattanooga Intelect ® Legend XT Stimulators,W49900

Chattanooga Intelect ® Legend XT Stimulators

From $ 2,866.57
Item: W49900

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Chattanooga Intelect ® TranSport,W49917

Chattanooga Intelect ® TranSport

$ 2,411.13
Item: W49917

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Chattanooga Intelect Legend Simulators,W50100

Chattanooga Intelect Legend Simulators

From $ 3,358.17
Item: W50100

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MS322 Muscle Stimulator Single Ch. Low Volt AC,W50521

MS322 Muscle Stimulator Single Ch. Low Volt AC

$ 935.00 $ 560.00
Item: W50521

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Muscle Stimulator Dual Ch., Low Volt AC,W50522

Muscle Stimulator Dual Ch., Low Volt AC

$ 1,397.00 $ 840.00
Item: W50522

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HV752 SynchroPulse Muscle Stim Dual Ch., High Volt,W50523

HV752 SynchroPulse Muscle Stim Dual Ch., High Volt

$ 2,415.00 $ 1,450.00
Item: W50523

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Z-Stim IF150 Interferential,W50524

Z-Stim IF150 Interferential

$ 2,090.00 $ 1,255.00
Item: W50524

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Z-Stim IF250 Interferential/ Russian Stimulator,W50525

Z-Stim IF250 Interferential/ Russian Stimulator

$ 2,709.00 $ 1,625.00
Item: W50525

Mettler Sys*Stim Neuromuscular Stimulator 206,W50930

Mettler Sys*Stim Neuromuscular Stimulator 206

$ 1,572.00
Item: W50930

Mettler Sys*Stim Neuromuscular Stimulator 226,W50931

Mettler Sys*Stim Neuromuscular Stimulator 226

$ 1,417.00
Item: W50931

Mettler Sys*Stim Neuromuscular Stimulator 294,W50932

Mettler Sys*Stim Neuromuscular Stimulator 294

$ 3,662.00
Item: W50932

Trio*Stim ™ 215,W50967

Trio*Stim ™ 215

$ 565.00
Item: W50967

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Quattro II,W59906

Quattro II

$ 595.00 $ 499.00
Item: W59906