Fuel Cell Supplementary Set

U10971: Fuel Cell Supplementary Set

Fuel Cell Supplementary Set

$ 350.00

1.32 lb
13.4 x 10.7 x 5.2 in
3B Scientific
Item No.
U10971 [1002694]

Fuel Cell Supplementary Set for the Photovoltaics Equipment Set (U10971). For student experiments on fuel cells, solar energy, and hydrogen technology. Parts are sized to fit nicely in the U10971 rugged storage container.

Experiment Topics:

  • Operation of fuel cells
  • Electrode reaction
  • Current-voltage curve of electrolyser
  • Current-voltage curve of fuel cell
  • Current-voltage curve of a fuel cell stack
  • Current-voltage curve depending on type of ions and electrolyte concentration
  • Current-voltage curve depending on temperature
  • Solar-energy/hydrogen circuit
  • Efficiency of fuel cells
  • Efficiency of solar-hydrogen devices


  • 1 Solar module for fuel cell
  • 2 Fuel cells
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