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As life expectancies increase and the population ages, the care of elderly patients by healthcare professionals has become more and more significant. The care for older patients and the knowledge of medical problems specific to this age group is the daily responsibility of geriatric or gerontological nurse practitioners. They often work as caregivers in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, home health care and the Acute Care for Elderly (ACE) units of hospitals.

The training of geriatric nurses includes care for challenges that are specific to older patients, like suffering from more than one symptom, being bedridden, or even being in need of long term care. The care and evaluation of a decubitus in any stage, repositioning and cleaning the patient, wound dressing, bed baths, denture placement and care, and hearing aid placement are just a few of the skills a geriatric nurse needs to possess.

With geriatric patient care manikins, geriatric nurses train all procedures specific to adult and elderly patients as mentioned above, but also skill training in catheterization, enema administration, gastrostomy procedures, ostomy care, tracheostomy care, positioning and transferring a patient, pap smears and douching, and prostate exams.

Medical simulation is an effective way for procedure demonstration, skill training and assessment in nurse training before the nurse practitioner works with a real patient. 3B Scientific® offers geriatric patient care manikins and simulators for nurse training of patient care procedures specific to the challenges and medical problems of older patients.
GERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin,W44021

GERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

$ 1,700.00
Item: 1005597 [W44021]

Advanced GERi™ Manikin,W44046

Advanced GERi™ Manikin

$ 2,775.00
Item: 1005606 [W44046]

Basic GERi™ Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin,W44077

Basic GERi™ Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin

$ 1,350.00
Item: 1005620 [W44077]

Geriatric IV Arm,W44684

Geriatric IV Arm

$ 584.00
Item: 1005777 [W44684]

Nursing Care Wound Kit for Geri/Keri Nursing Manikins,W44784

Nursing Care Wound Kit for Geri/Keri Nursing Manikins

$ 1,385.00
Item: 1017984 [W44784]

Geri and KERi Pressure Ulcer Foot,W44784F

Geri and KERi Pressure Ulcer Foot

$ 113.50
Item: 1017985 [W44784F]

Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator,W46500/1

Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator

$ 538.00
Item: 1009798 [W46500/1]

Replacement Right Shoulder for Keri and Geri,W99999-150R

Replacement Right Shoulder for Keri and Geri

$ 49.00
Item: W99999-150R

Left Hand for KERi™/GERi™ Nursing Skills Manikin,W44201

Left Hand for KERi™/GERi™ Nursing Skills Manikin

$ 55.00
Item: 1005668 [W44201]

Right Hand for Geri Manikin,W44202

Right Hand for Geri Manikin

$ 55.00
Item: 1005669 [W44202]

Replacement Foot, Right,W44207

Replacement Foot, Right

$ 59.00
Item: 1005671 [W44207]

Replacement Foot, Left,W44208

Replacement Foot, Left

$ 59.00
Item: 1005672 [W44208]

Replacement Lower GERi™ Torso,W44212

Replacement Lower GERi™ Torso

$ 235.00
Item: 1005676 [W44212]

Replacement Upper GERi™ Torso,W44213

Replacement Upper GERi™ Torso

$ 224.00
Item: 1005677 [W44213]

Replacement Shoulder Injection Site,W44206

Replacement Shoulder Injection Site

$ 43.00
Item: 1005670 [W44206]