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Hot packs are design to help manage pain. Hot packs come in many different sizes for specific areas of the body. Moist heat hot packs can be boiled or warmed in the microwave and covered in a terry cloth for hours of heat therapy.
Theratherm Small Heat Pack,W49884

Theratherm Small Heat Pack

$ 58.00
Item: W49884

Theratherm Medium Heat Pack,W49885

Theratherm Medium Heat Pack

$ 65.00
Item: W49885

Theratherm Standard Heat Pack,W49886

Theratherm Standard Heat Pack

$ 80.00
Item: W49886

Theratherm Shoulder/ Neck Heat Pack,W49887

Theratherm Shoulder/ Neck Heat Pack

$ 75.00
Item: W49887

Theratherm ® Replacement Flannel Cover,W49888

Theratherm ® Replacement Flannel Cover

From $ 18.00
Item: W49888

Standard Theratherm® Replacement Flannel Cover,W49890

Standard Theratherm® Replacement Flannel Cover

$ 25.00
Item: W49890

Shoulder/Neck Theratherm ® Replacement Flannel Cover,W49891

Shoulder/Neck Theratherm ® Replacement Flannel Cover

$ 22.00
Item: W49891

Hydrocollator HotPacs,W50042

Hydrocollator HotPacs

From $ 8.00
Item: 1010790 [W50042]

Terry Covers,W50051

Terry Covers

From $ 11.51
Item: W50051

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SensaFlex Extra Small 5x4",W50677

SensaFlex Extra Small 5x4"

$ 6.00 $ 2.63
Item: W50677

Terry Cover Drying Rack,W56111

Terry Cover Drying Rack

$ 50.00
Item: W56111

Relief Pak Hot Packs,W67105

Relief Pak Hot Packs

From $ 10.25
Item: 1014007 [W67105]

Relief Pak Terry Covers,W67113

Relief Pak Terry Covers

From $ 17.00
Item: 1014015 [W67113]