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Kinesiology Tape applications have been used in the healthcare industries for over 20 years but became very popular after the 2008 Olympics where Kinesio Tape was used by many professional athletes. Kinesiology tape comes in many forms and can be used for a wide variety of applications. Most commonly kinesiology tape can be used to help improve performance, reduce swelling, arthritis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and muscle, joint ligament strains and tendonitis.
3BTape Rolls Kinesiology Tape,S-3BTBEN

3BTape Rolls Kinesiology Tape

From $ 9.95
Item: S-3BTBEN [1008620]

3BTAPE Beige Bulk Roll,S-3BTBENL

3BTAPE Beige Bulk Roll

From $ 55.00
Item: S-3BTBENL [1013836]

3BTape Coated Kinesiology Scissors,S-3BSCISSOR

3BTape Coated Kinesiology Scissors

$ 34.95
Item: S-3BSCISSOR [1014148]

3BTape Case of 10 Rolls,S-3BTBK10

3BTape Case of 10 Rolls

From $ 90.00
Item: S-3BTBK10

Kinesio Tape Rolls,W67034

Kinesio Tape Rolls

From $ 12.00
Item: W67034

PerformTex™ Tape 6 Roll Pack,W67701

PerformTex™ Tape 6 Roll Pack

From $ 37.50
Item: W67701

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PerformTex™ Tape,W67708

PerformTex™ Tape

From $ 8.00 $ 5.63
Item: W67708

PerformTex™ Tape Bulk Roll,W67715

PerformTex™ Tape Bulk Roll

From $ 37.50
Item: W67715

PerformTex™ PerformPrep Skin Cleaner 125ml/ 4 oz,W67720

PerformTex™ PerformPrep Skin Cleaner 125ml/ 4 oz

$ 15.00
Item: W67720

PerformTex™ PerformLift Adhesive Remover 125 ml/ 4 oz,W67722

PerformTex™ PerformLift Adhesive Remover 125 ml/ 4 oz

$ 15.00
Item: W67722