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Our math and engineering geek gifts are a real hit. Got a cutie pi in your life? Be sure to outfit them our best-selling Cutie Pi Shirt or Cutie Pi Onesie or Toddler Tee. How about the pizza lover? Make sure they really understand the geometry of the slices they are cutting with the Pizza Pi Cutter. And for the ultimate geek gift, the Pi Shower Curtain allows them to learn the digits of pi while they lather.  Our super geeky Level Pen will look perfect in that engineer's pocket protector.  And if that's not enough accessorizing, the Prime Time Watch makes the perfect geek apparel.  If you need to brush up on formulas try drinking your coffee from the Mathematical Formulas Mug or flaunt your genius abilities with the I'm Always Right Math Mug.  Our geeky gifts are sure to tag you as a geek 22 life!
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Gear Clock,U49424

Gear Clock

$ 65.00 $ 58.00
Item: U49424

Pi Shower Curtain,W49395Pi

Pi Shower Curtain

$ 39.00
Item: W49395Pi

Organic Cutie Pi (π) Onesie- Blue, Pink or Natural,W49460PB-2T

Organic Cutie Pi (π) Onesie- Blue, Pink or Natural

From $ 18.00
Item: W49460PB-2T

Cutie Pi (π) Women

Cutie Pi (π) Women's Fitted Tee

$ 17.00
Item: W49460PP-WM

Prime Time Watch,W64001PT

Prime Time Watch

$ 47.00
Item: W64001PT

Galileo Little Thinker,W64003G

Galileo Little Thinker

$ 24.00
Item: W64003G

Mathematical Formulas Mug,W64004M

Mathematical Formulas Mug

$ 15.00
Item: W64004M

Sudoku Toilet Roll,W64066

Sudoku Toilet Roll

$ 9.00
Item: W64066

Mathy Temporary Tattoos,W64085

Mathy Temporary Tattoos

$ 5.00
Item: W64085

Bits & Bytes Wall Clock,W64548

Bits & Bytes Wall Clock

$ 65.00
Item: W64548

Mathematics Pop Quiz Clock - Blackboard,W64701MB

Mathematics Pop Quiz Clock - Blackboard

$ 28.00
Item: W64701MB