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We carry a full range of Pilates accessories in help increase effectiveness of your routine. Whether you're needing a Pilates box to add functionality to a Reformer or Combo Chair, or an exercise ball for stretching, or even new resistance springs for your existing equipment we are sure to have what you need. We also carry Cando resistance bands and tubing for expanding your workout.
Quadriceps Board,W15083

Quadriceps Board

$ 90.00
Item: 1004983 [W15083]

Pilates Half Moon Barrel,W15131LB

Pilates Half Moon Barrel

$ 195.00
Item: W15131LB

Pilates Box Large,W15133LB

Pilates Box Large

From $ 150.00 $ 90.07
Item: 3006269 [W15133LB]

Pilates Box Small, Dark Blue,W15135DB

Pilates Box Small, Dark Blue

$ 110.00 $ 70.60
Item: 3006273 [W15135DB]

Stall Bars,W15145

Stall Bars

$ 299.00
Item: 1005029 [W15145]

Stark Stall Bars,W15400

Stark Stall Bars

$ 335.00
Item: W15400

Yoga Stick-E Socks, Black, Large,W47150SBL-L

Yoga Stick-E Socks, Black, Large

$ 19.95 $ 11.48
Item: W47150SBL-L

Stall Bars,W50772

Stall Bars

$ 398.00
Item: W50772

Adjustable Incline Board,W50861

Adjustable Incline Board

$ 125.00
Item: W50861

Bailey Wall Mounted Pulley,W50863

Bailey Wall Mounted Pulley

$ 102.00
Item: W50863

Shoulder Finger Ladder,W50864

Shoulder Finger Ladder

$ 83.00
Item: W50864

Quadriceps Board,W50865

Quadriceps Board

$ 77.00
Item: W50865

Padded Quadriceps Board,W50865P

Padded Quadriceps Board

$ 92.00
Item: W50865P

Deluxe Yoga Kit,W55990

Deluxe Yoga Kit

$ 35.00
Item: W55990

Pilates Magic Circle with DVD,W63092

Pilates Magic Circle with DVD

$ 35.00
Item: W63092

Pilates Box & Pole,W63093

Pilates Box & Pole

$ 200.00 $ 129.00
Item: W63093

Introduction to AeroPilates ® with Marjolein Brugman DVD,W63312

Introduction to AeroPilates ® with Marjolein Brugman DVD

$ 29.00
Item: W63312