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Isolate deep postural muscles and challenge the body on all planes of movement with our new FSC certified Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Pilates Arches made from Eucalyptus wood. Both the Ladder Barrel and Arches provide the user with an apparatus to stretch and strengthen the core muscle groups, while the Combo Chair adds the element of variable resistance.
Stark Pilates Combo Chair,W15401

Stark Pilates Combo Chair

$ 1,295.00
Item: W15401

Stark Pilates Ladder Barrel,W15404

Stark Pilates Ladder Barrel

$ 725.00
Item: W15404

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Pilates Combo Chair,W15127B

Pilates Combo Chair

From $ 1,275.00 $ 625.00
Item: W15127B

Pilates Half Moon Barrel,W15131

Pilates Half Moon Barrel

$ 259.00
Item: W15131 [1005016]

Pilates Half Moon Barrel,W15131LB

Pilates Half Moon Barrel

From $ 195.00
Item: W15131LB