Theobromine (Chocolate) Molecular Jewelry - Earrings

W99588E: Theobromine (Chocolate) Molecular Jewelry - Earrings

Theobromine (Chocolate) Molecular Jewelry - Earrings

$ 70.00 $ 35.00

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Ah, chocolate.  Despite its bitter taste, we love it dearly.  Theobromine is a mild stimulant related to caffeine that makes up about 2% of cacao beans.  This molecule is thought to elevate mood. 

Now you can give chocolate in a whole new way, give a gift that combines art with science!  Sophisticated and geeky all in one. Each piece of molecular jewelry includes an informational card describing the science that inspired the piece. 

Earrings are sterling silver, approximately 3/4" long and attached to French wires.  Made in the USA and packaged in an attractive recycled gift box complete with a ribbon. You can't go wrong with the geek gift of molecular jewelry!
Item No. W99588E

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