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Air Flow Apparatus

Air Flow Apparatus, 1000765 [U8404300], Aerodynamics
Air Flow Apparatus, 1000765 [U8404300], Aerodynamics

Air Flow Apparatus

$ 860.00

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For demonstrating air flow patterns around bodies of different shapes.

The air flow patterns can be projected on to a wide screen using an overhead projector. Two strings are fastened on one side at equal distances between two glass plates. The strings move according to the air currents between the two glass plates. Bodies of different shapes can be introduced in the air current. The inserted bodies can be moved to various positions in the air current from outside.

Dimensions: 385 x 310 x 75 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: approx. 3.2 kg

Scope of delivery:
  • Air flow generator
  • 2 constrictions
  • cross-section of wing
  • rectangle
  • circle
Air flow Generator (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1000606 [U15425-230], Linear Motion
$ 683.00
Product Data
Item No. 1000765 [U8404300]
Weight 7.77 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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