Air Track on U-shaped Base Profile, 1.9 m

Air Track on U-shaped Base Profile, 1.9 m, 1003341 [U40400], Linear Motion
Air Track on U-shaped Base Profile, 1.9 m, 1003341 [U40400], Linear Motion

Air Track on U-shaped Base Profile, 1.9 m

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Experiment topics:
• Regular movements and movements with uniform acceleration
• Newton’s equations of motion
• Laws on the conservation of momentum and energy
• Elastic and inelastic collisions
• Motion on an inclined air track
• Non-contact collisions
• Harmonic oscillator
• Coupled harmonic oscillator
Track with triangular profile and riders for investigating frictionless linear motion. The air is blown in from the front and escapes through small air outlets arranged in 2 rows along the track. This allows for practically frictionless movement of the riders on the triangular track with no tilting. A millimetre rule is set into a groove on one side. Mounted on a robust U-shaped base resting on three feet that can be adjusted to ensure horizontal alignment.
Material: Anodised aluminium
Total length: 2.07 m
Working length: 1.90 m
Maximum deviation from straight line over complete length: 0.04 mm
Track profile: Equilateral triangle
Width of base: 94 mm
Sides of triangle: 67 mm
Thickness of walls: 3 mm
Separation of air outlets holes: 24 mm
Base profile: U-shaped profile
Width of base: 100 mm
Height of base: 50 mm
Wall thickness of base: 5 mm

1 Air track on U-shaped base profile resting on three feet
2 Gliders 300 g (red) with additional 50 g weights, spring buffers for elastic collisions and velcro strip for inelastic collisions
3 Helical springs, 50 mm, 1.7 N/m
2 Velocity flags, 10 cm
2 Magnets for contactless impact
1 English manual for the air track

Air tracks of differing lengths are available on request
Air flow Generator (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1000606 [U15425-230], Linear Motion
$ 683.00
Product Data
Item No. 1003341 [U40400]
Weight 26.46 lb
Dimensions 86.7 x 6 x 6 in
Brand 3B Scientific
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