AirSim Child X

AirSim Child X, 1021549 [W47406C], BLS Child
AirSim Child X, 1021549 [W47406C], BLS Child
AirSim Child X, 1021549 [W47406C], BLS Child
AirSim Child X, 1021549 [W47406C], BLS Child
$ 2,427.00
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The AirSim Child Bronchi X, based on a 6 year old, features the AirSim pediatric airway, nasal passage and internal anatomical detail down to the 4th generation bronchi facilitating full airway management and bronchoscopy techniques.

Features include:
  • AirSim® Pediatric Airway
  • Realistic feedback during bag/mask ventilation, supraglottic airway insertion and both naso- and orotreacheal intubation
  • Lifelike external and internal anatomical features allow for easy and successful demonstration of all pediatric video laryngoscopes (VL)
  • Inflatable tongue bulb to simulate tongue edema
  • Missing front teeth resemble natural dentals of a six year old child
  • Real feel’ skin covering for added realism during airway management procedure training
The AirSim Child X will provide a solution to your training needs in:
  • Direct and video laryngoscopy
  • Endo and naso tracheal tube insertion
  • Supraglottic device insertion
  • Bag mask ventilation
  • Fibre optic bronchoscopy techniques
  • Lung isolation techniques
  • Lung suctioning
  • Diagnostic bronchoscopy
Product components:
  • 1 Carrier case
  • 1 USB pen drive user manual
  • 1 Bottle of lubrication
  • 3 Child lung bags replicating 2 lungs and stomach

Manikin can be used with Supraglottic airway devices for airway training.


$ 18.00
Item No.: 1021549 [W47406C]
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Product Information
Weight 5.66 lb
Dimensions 15.7 x 9.4 x 8.7 in
Brand TruCorp
MPN: AC10006X
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