Anatomy Set Vertebrae

Anatomy Set Vertebrae, 8000836, Anatomy Sets
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This vertebrae anatomy set includes models of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections of the human spine. Life-size casts in incredible detail showing the intervertebral discs and nerves.

This real life replica of the anatomy of the cervical spinal column is a high quality model. Consisting of, occipital plate, the 7 cervical vertebrae with intervertebral discs, cervical nerves, vertebral arteries and spinal cord. 

This spinal replica consists of the 12 thoracic vertebrae with intervertebral discs, thoracic nerves and spinal cord. This quality thoracic spinal column is affordable and anatomically correct. Spinal column delivered on flexible stand.

The human lumbar spinal column Consists of the 5 lumbar vertebrae with intervertebral discs, sacrum with flap, coccyx, spinal nerves and dura mater of spinal cord


Item No. 8000836
Brand 3B Scientific

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Item No.: 8000836
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