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Artificial Blood, 1 litre

Artificial Blood, 1 litre, 1005611 [W44061], Consumables

Artificial Blood, 1 litre

$ 19.60

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Although not the same viscosity as real blood, Life/form® simulation blood provides a sense of reality to any activity. For use with Life/form® Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm (W44216, W44217); Life/form® Venipuncture and Injection Demonstration Arm (number available upon request); Deluxe IV Training Arm (number available upon request); Venipuncture Training Arm (number available upon request); Life/form® Pediatric Arm (W44715); Life/form® Pediatric Head (W44101); Life/form® Central Venous Cannulation Simulator (W44017); Heart Catherization Simulator for Total Parenteral Nutrition and Central Venous Catheterization (W44015); and Life/form® First Aid Arm (W44733).
Advanced GERi™ Manikin, 1005606 [W44046], Geriatric Patient Care
$ 3,150.70
Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm, 1005678 [W44216], Injections and Punctures
$ 697.60
Arterial Puncture Arm, 1005598 [W44022], Injections and Punctures
$ 625.25
Basic CRiSis™ Infant Crisis Manikin, 1017248 [W44717], BLS Newborn
$ 1,161.00
Basic GERi™ Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin, 1005620 [W44077], Geriatric Patient Care
$ 1,532.90
Central Venous Cannulation Simulator, 1005595 [W44017], Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
$ 977.45
Complete Infant CRiSis™ Manikin, 1005658 [W44143], ALS Child
$ 1,854.75
Deluxe CRiSis™ Torso Manikin, 1005650 [W44135], ALS Adult
$ 2,974.80
Deluxe Infant Crisis Manikin, 1018146 [W44090], ALS Child
$ 3,149.25
GERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin, 1005597 [W44021], Injections and Punctures
$ 1,929.90
Intermediate Infant CRiSis™, 1021997, ALS Child
$ 1,620.15
Life/form® First Aid Arm, 1013748 [W44733], BLS Adult
$ 751.70
Life/form® Pediatric Arm, 1017973 [W44715], Injections and Punctures
$ 448.95
Paediatric Head, 1005630 [W44101], Injections and Punctures
$ 524.35
Simulated Burns, Set of Four, 1018421 [W44796], Moulage and Wound Simulation
$ 271.15
Simulated Individual Burn Roll -1st Degree, 1018422 [W44796-1], Moulage and Wound Simulation
$ 86.60
Simulated Individual Burn Roll -3rd Degree, 1018425 [W44796-3], ALS Adult
$ 86.60
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Item No. 1005611 [W44061]
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