Ausculette II®

Ausculette II®, 1021564, Auscultation
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The Ausculette II is a small, battery or line-operated telemedicine auscultation system used primarily in telemedicine. It consists of 2 stethophones, a stethoscope assembly and wall-mounted power transformer.

When used with either the Tandberg or Polycom Teleconferencing System, the appropriate connecting cable is supplied (please contact your Customer Service representative to make sure the right cable is ordered).

The Ausculette can be used as both a sending and receiving auscultation system. The stethoscope is placed on the patient in the normal manner. Each listener inserts a stethophone into the rear panel of the Ausculette II and can hear simultaneously. Sounds can be amplified or filtered, if desired. A Hi-Pass filter allows attenuation of sounds from 20 Hz to 500 Hz. Heart and breath sounds can be filtered to accentuate grade I murmurs or very faint fine crackles.

It is powered by an external power supply. There are two auxiliary 9V internal batteries for portable use. A variable high pass cut-off filter is incorporated to allow the user to tailor the frequency response of the system to respond to many different sounds. A Cardionics stethoscope with a built-in low-frequency transducer is used to allow the system to pick up even the most subtle sounds.

Five stethophone outputs are provided on the rear panel so that up to five persons each wearing a stethophone can listen simultaneously to one patient through the use of one central stethoscope.

Where use:
  • Teaching bedside auscultation
  • Telemedicine Teleconferencing Systems
Features and Benefits:
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easily connects with Tandberg or Polycom systems
  • Volume control
  • Hi-pass filter for reduction of baseline noise
  • Multiple outputs for several simultaneous listeners
  • Battery and/or line-operated
This product is FDA approved.

An alternative to the Ausculette is the SimulScope Bedside Auscultation System (# 1021563 or with ECG # 1022482). The SimulScope is an infrared transmitter that allows the stethoscope to be placed on the patient while each listener wears a Heartman Wireless Infrared Headphone.


Item No. 1021564
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Item No.: 1021564
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