Basic Equipment Set for the X-Ray Apparatus

Basic Equipment Set for the X-Ray Apparatus, 1000665 [U19205], X-Ray Physics

Basic Equipment Set for the X-Ray Apparatus

$ 2,198.00

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Equipment set for qualitative and quantitative experiments involving, for instance, linear propagation, ionization, penetration capacity of X-radiation and X-ray photography; also for demonstrating the wave nature of X-radiation, investigating fluorescent X-radiation and determining mass-absorption coefficients. In a specially molded storage box.

Scope of delivery:
1 fluorescent screen
1 Debye-Scherrer camera
2 film cassettes
1 lead mask
2 plate electrodes on a 4-mm-contact pin
1 slit diaphragm collimator, 1 mm
1 pin diaphragm collimator, 1 mm Ø
1 ancillary magazine with a circular aperture
2 slit diaphragms, 1 mm/3 mm
1 pin diaphragm, 9.5 mm Ø
2 single crystals, LiF, NaCl
2 mini crystals, LiF
1 powder sample, LiF
10 copper wires
4 absorption foils, Ni, Cu, Co, Zn
1 scattering-foil revolver, coated with V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn
1 set of assembly aids (acetate adhesive, clips)
1 storage box, specially molded
Product Data
Item No. 1000665 [U19205]
Weight 1.68 lb
Brand 3B Scientific Teltron
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