Blood Pressure Arm for Keri and Geri

Blood Pressure Arm for Keri and Geri, NoImport [W44075BP], Adult Patient Care

Blood Pressure Arm for Keri and Geri

$ 1,077.50

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Optional Blood Pressure arm for Keri Complete Nursing Manikin W44075.

This arm reproduces the five Korotkoff sounds and allows the instructor to vary systolic and diastolic levels, pulse rate, volume and auscultatory gap.  F

For use with all KERi and GERi manikins.
KERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin, 1013742 [W44075], Adult Patient Care
$ 1,839.75
Product Data
Item No. NoImport [W44075BP]
MPN: LF04079
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