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Shop 3B Scientific's Geek Books, Geek Cards and Geek Stationery here. Take a peek at our best-selling geek gift, The Complete Manual of Things that MIGHT Kill You which is the perfect coffee table book for hypochondriacs or anyone with a witty medical personality. Be sure to check out our Quotable Notables which are unique die-cut notecards featuring dozens of quotations and celebratory greetings from our science friends, Einstein, Darwin, Newton and Da Vinci. Our most popular stationery pad is the Prescription Nifty Note which looks just like an RX pad but with prescriptions for chill pills, vacations, stiff drinks, a day off, laughter, hugs and many more world-wide known remedies for the common ailment.
Qutable Notables - Da Vinci, W64008DV, Books, Cards and Stationery

Qutable Notables - Da Vinci

$ 1.78
Item: W64008DV

Quotable Notables - Sir Isaac Newton, W64008N, Books, Cards and Stationery

Quotable Notables - Sir Isaac Newton

$ 1.77
Item: W64008N

Sudoku Toilet Roll, W64066, Books, Cards and Stationery

Sudoku Toilet Roll

$ 9.00
Item: W64066

Think, Write & Grow Journals Green Leaf, W64150GL, Books, Cards and Stationery
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Think, Write & Grow Journals Green Leaf

$ 14.38 $ 15.59
Item: W64150GL

Murder Ink - Sticky Note Pad & Pen Set, W64518N, Books, Cards and Stationery
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Murder Ink - Sticky Note Pad & Pen Set

$ 5.50 $ 12.00
Item: W64518N

Jumbo Stick It Pad, W64707, Books, Cards and Stationery

Jumbo Stick It Pad

$ 7.00
Item: W64707