Bring You Wisdom, I Will - Storybook By Yoda

Bring You Wisdom, I Will - Storybook By Yoda, W64771, What's New
Bring You Wisdom, I Will - Storybook By Yoda, W64771, What's New
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The ultimate Jedi Master from Star Wars is also the perfect totem for wisdom in all of life's pursuits. Having explored the galazy and studied the Force for hundreds of years, Yoda has passed on his knowledge of the Jedi arts to generations of the galazy's greatest heroes. Now you can have your own Yoda sensei in your life! This one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Yoda statue comes with a customizable galactic display stand, a booklet of Yoda's most inspirational musings alongside full-color illustrations, and a sheet of removable stickers of select quotes. Perfect for the offic, mantle, bedside, or anywhere the Force might come in handy.

Product Data

Item No. W64771
Brand Chronicle Books
MPN: 978-0-8118-7470-0
Item No.: W64771
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