Buoyancy Apparatus

Buoyancy Apparatus, 1000791 [U8410355], Buoyancy
Buoyancy Apparatus, 1000791 [U8410355], Buoyancy
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Apparatus for demonstrating buoyancy of fluids, consisting of a flat-ground glass tube and a plastic disc with rubber covering to form a base plate to which a long string is attached.
The base plate makes a watertight connection with the glass tube and when both are immersed in water, the plate does not sink because buoyancy keeps it pushed up against the tube.
Glass tube: 200 mm x 28 mm dia.
Metal disc: 2 mm x 42 mm dia.
Length of string: 35 cm
Item No.: 1000791 [U8410355]
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Weight 0.44 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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