CanDo® Economy,Balance Board

CanDo® Economy,Balance Board, 1015433 [W67186], Balance and Stabilisation
CanDo® Economy,Balance Board, 1015433 [W67186], Balance and Stabilisation
$ 16.50
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The Cando® Economy Balance Board is a 14" diameter wobble board that makes balance training fun.
Raised circles on surface makes the board slip-resistant.
Helps increase muscle tone in calves and ankles. Strengthen and condition lower body.
Improve ankle range-of-motion, balance, body awareness, and develop joint mobility and reaction skills.
Made from lightweight molded plastic.
Stand on disc and shift weight to perform stability exercises. Comes in colorful retail packaging.
Item No.: 1015433 [W67186]
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Product Information
Weight 1.25 lb
Brand CanDo
MPN: 10-1745
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