Cando ® Exercise Band PEP Pack, Moderate

Cando ® Exercise Band PEP Pack, Moderate, 1013932 [W58528M], Exercise Bands
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PEP Pack Level:

Product in Easy (yellow, red, green) Product in Moderate (green, blue, black) Product in Challenging (black, silver, gold)
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The Low Powder Cando Exercise band PEP pack can be used for a complete progressive resistance exercise therapy program. Each resistance exercise pack comes with three different 4 foot bands and an illustrated instruction/exercise therapy chart.

The Moderate resistance exercise pack comes with Green (Medium), Blue (Heavy), and Black (X Heavy).

Start your resistive exercise therapy today with the Cando Exercise band PEP pack.


Item No. 1013932 [W58528M]
Weight 0.38 lb
Dimensions 4.0 x 5.0 x 0.2 in
Brand Cando
MPN: 10-5282


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$ 2.00
$ 2.00
Item No.: 1013932 [W58528M]
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