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Cando PT Soft Medicine Ball, 7 lb.

Cando PT Soft Medicine Ball, 7 lb., W40190, Weights
Cando PT Soft Medicine Ball, 7 lb., W40190, Weights

Cando PT Soft Medicine Ball, 7 lb.

$ 35.00

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Cando PT Soft Medicine Balls

• Unique texture is easy to grip, grasp and throw
• Softness of ball enhances grasp
• Balanced, uniform weight
• Use for upper body rehab and fitness exercises
• Designed to throw against plyometric rebounders
• Color coded to easily identify weight
• Diameter: 7" inch
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Product Data
Item No. W40190
Weight 8 lb
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 in
Brand Cando
MPN: 10-3173
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