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Students will gain hands on experience in the fundamentals of chemistry by constructing models of organic and inorganic structures representing numerous chemicals, molecules, crystals and other compounds. Build hundreds of different structures while gaining an understanding of elemental particles.

Our chemistry kits will engage students in safe, convenient and fun lab investigations of basic chemical reactions. Get started assembling, testing, and learning chemistry fundamentals today.
Sodium Chloride, molymod®-Kit, 1005281 [W19705], Chemistry

Sodium Chloride, molymod®-Kit

$ 29.00 $ 34.00
Item: 1005281 [W19705]

Graphite, molymod®-Kit, 1005283 [W19707], Chemistry

Graphite, molymod®-Kit

$ 29.00 $ 30.00
Item: 1005283 [W19707]

Buckminsterfullerene C60, molymod®-Kit, 1005284 [W19708], Chemistry

Buckminsterfullerene C60, molymod®-Kit

$ 33.00 $ 35.00
Item: 1005284 [W19708]

Biochemistry Molecular Set, W19723, Chemistry

Biochemistry Molecular Set

$ 34.00 $ 41.00
Item: W19723

Class-Set - Inorganic/Organic Chemistry, Orbit™, 1005306 [W19805], Chemistry

Class-Set - Inorganic/Organic Chemistry, Orbit™

$ 85.00
Item: 1005306 [W19805]

Atom Activity Model, W55758, Chemistry

Atom Activity Model

$ 82.95
Item: W55758

Caustic Spill Clean Up, W56648, Chemistry

Caustic Spill Clean Up

$ 31.92 $ 49.00
Item: W56648

Identification of Substances, W59177, Chemistry

Identification of Substances

$ 131.61
Item: W59177