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The Clocks & Watches gift shop is full of functional yet geeky gifts. The Mathematics Pop Quiz Clock features each hour marked by a simple math problem while the Science Quiz Clock appears to have been written by that evil science teacher we all had to endure. For the word nerd in your life, the Crossword Puzzle Clock is the perfect gift. Math geeks will love the Prime Time Watch and that night owl will appreciate Clocky, the clock that scurries around the room if you decide to snooze ensuring you get out of bed to turn it off.  Hang up the Entropy Clock as a reminder of all the entropy in your life or create your own geek clock with the Pop Quiz Clock which is ready for a pop quiz at any time since it features a chalkboard background - it's the perfect gift for any geek and perfect for teacher gifts too!
Gear Wall Clock, Black, U49786B, Clocks and Watches
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Gear Wall Clock, Black

$ 56.25 $ 113.00
Item: U49786B

Gear Wall Clock, White, U49786W, Clocks and Watches
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Gear Wall Clock, White

$ 56.25 $ 113.00
Item: U49786W

Pop Quiz Clock, Whiteboard, U49789W, Clocks and Watches
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Pop Quiz Clock, Whiteboard

$ 32.50 $ 65.00
Item: U49789W

Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock, W64062, Clocks and Watches
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Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock

$ 13.89 $ 32.00
Item: W64062

Bits & Bytes Wall Clock, W64548, Clocks and Watches
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Bits & Bytes Wall Clock

$ 30.00 $ 65.00
Item: W64548