Color Glass Cupping Set, 4 pieces

Color Glass Cupping Set, 4 pieces, W53126GC, Cupping Glasses
$ 40.00
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The 4pc Color Glass Cupping Set is ideal in a spa or clinic setting.

The kit includes One Each:
  • Extra Large: 2.75 inches dia.; Dark Blue: Soothing
  • Large: 2.2 inches dia.; Light Blue: Calming
  • Medium: 1.9 inches dia.; Transparent: Relaxing
  • Small: 1.5 inches dia.; Light Green: Sedating
Set of 4 cups.  Sold by set only

**item is non-returnable and non-refundable

Important Notice: Prescription required
This item can be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional or with a doctor’s prescription. Prescriptions can be faxed to (866)992-1514. If a prescription is not faxed at time of order you will be contacted within 24 hours by our sales team.


Item No. W53126GC
Weight 2 lb
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in
Item No.: W53126GC
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