Deluxe TB Testing Arm Set

Deluxe TB Testing Arm Set, 3004680 [W43133], Injections and Punctures
Deluxe TB Testing Arm Set, 3004680 [W43133], Injections and Punctures
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Made of soft, palpable material, the three models in this set facilitate learning how to interpret TB test reactions. Students can practice evaluation reactions by feeling for and measuring skin indurations. The brown model and one beige model include lifelike variations in skin discoloration that can occur around test sites. The other beige model comes without the appearance of erythema to reinforce the fact that an accurate assessment of test results requires measurement of the induration alone, not of any accompanying redness.

Comes with instructions.  Each model measures 3" x 6.5" x 1".

Product Data

Item No. 3004680 [W43133]
Brand WRS Group
MPN: 26620
Item No.: 3004680 [W43133]
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