Diabetic Foot Treatment Trainer

Diabetic Foot Treatment Trainer, 1018815 [P14], Decubitus Care
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The after-effects of a diabetes mellitus can result in defects and pressure points in the area of the foot. In this Decubitus Foot skill trainer, a gangrenous alteration on the big toe of the right foot has already spread from the back of the foot to the metatarsal. A mal perforans (trophic ulcer) is visible on the sole of the foot (plantar). A grade 3 pressure-ulcer is depicted in the heel area. A complete skin layer is lost and the subcutaneous tissue is damaged up to necrosis. This is recognisable by black colouration in the wound area. Leg not included.


Item No. 1018815 [P14]
Weight 0.66 lb
Brand 3B Scientific

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Item No.: 1018815 [P14]
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