Differential Voltage Sensor 10 V

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The Differential Voltage sensor (1022539) is designed for measuring voltages in the range between -10 and +10 V. With a wide input voltage range this sensor can be used to measure voltages in AC and DC circuits.

The sensor has differential inputs, which means that measurements can be done directly across circuit elements without the constraints of common grounding. It can be used to measure positive, as well as negative potentials. It has two banana (4-mm) plugs for easy connection.

The sensor is provided with over-voltage protection and voltages up to ± 50 V (related to ground) will not damage the sensor. It never can be used for higher voltages. The sensor is excellent to sample AC-signals at relative high frequencies (< 100 kHz).

The Differential Voltage sensor can be directly connected to analog inputs of the CMA interfaces with the connection cable (1021514). Please note that this cable is not included in the supply and may have to be ordered separately. 

Range: -10 ... +10V
Resolution (12-bit): 6.5 mV

Can be used to:
• measure voltages in AC and DC circuits,
• record characteristics of a light bulb or a diode,
• measure voltages in series and parallel electrical circuits.


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Item No.: 1022539 [UCMA-BT31i]
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