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Electromagnetic Experiment Set

Electromagnetic Experiment Set, 1002661 [U10371], Induction

Electromagnetic Experiment Set

$ 634.00

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The Electromagnetic Experiment Set offers a concise set-up for experiments in advanced topics of electricity and magnetism such as induction and paramagnetism. The product manual includes an in-depth look at these experiments topics:

• Behavior of a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field
• Induced eddy currents
• Diamagnetism and paramagnetism

The Electromagnetic Experiment Set consists of a stable, anodized-aluminum tripod with pre-defined magnet positions and accessory mountings. The deflection of the conductor swing can be adjusted in steps of 0, 15, 30 and 45 mm for current balance experiments. All accessories can be fasted to the stand for easy storage.

Scope of delivery:
• 1 Aluminum tripod, anodized
• 1 Conductor swing with 4-mm safety jacks
• 2 Waltenhofen pendulums (solid and slotted)
• 1 Glass rod and polyester thread with hook
• 1 Aluminum rod and polyester thread with hook
• 1 Knurled screw
• 1 Allen Wrench
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Product Data
Item No. 1002661 [U10371]
Weight 2.48 lb
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