ESR Module

ESR Module, 1022705, ESR and NMR
ESR Module, 1022705, ESR and NMR

The ESR module is for use in conjunction with the ESR/NMR control unit (1022700 resp. 1022702) to investigate electron spin resonance in DPPH.
The set consists of the factory-set base unit with the two magnetic coils, the ESR probe with a high frequency coil, a DPPH sample and an empty comparison sample.
A measurement report is supplied with each ESR module.

Equipment Supplied:
1  Base unit with mounted pair of magnetic coils
1  ESR probe
1 Comparison sample
1 DPPH sample
1 Measurement reportTechnical data

Technical data:
Frequency range: approx. 38 - 75 MHz
Probe connection: 4-pole Lemo plug
Sample diameter: 4.5 mm
Distance sample inlet to center 
of measuring chamber approx. 26 mm
Magnetic coils
Coils: 500 each
flux density: 0 – 3.67 mT
Connectors: coaxial connector
5.5 x 25 mm
Dimensions: approx. 175x125x125mm3
Weight: approx. 2.25 kg

Additionally required equipment
1 ESR/NMR control unit (230 V, 50/60 Hz) 1022700
1 ESR/NMR control unit (115 V, 50/60 Hz) 1022702
1 Digital oscilloscope, 2x 30 MHz 1020910
1 PC oscilloscope 2x 25 MHz 1020857
2 HF-cables 1002746


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Item No.: 1022705
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