Experiment: Adiabatic index of air, Supplement

Experiment: Adiabatic index of air, Supplement, 8000591 [UE2040200S], Gas laws
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Objective: Determine the adiabatic index Cp/ CV for air using Rüchardt’s method

In this experiment an aluminium piston inside a precision-manufactured glass tube extending vertically from on top of a glass vessel undergoes simple harmonic motion on top of the cushion formed by the volume of air trapped inside the tube. From the period of oscillation of the piston, it is possible to calculate the adiabatic index.

Additionally required: Basic equipment UE2040200.

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Calipers, 150 mm, 1002601 [U10071], Measurement of Length

Calipers, 150 mm

1002601 [U10071]
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Electronic Balance 220 g

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Item No.: 8000591 [UE2040200S]
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