Experiment: Falling sphere viscosimeter, Supplement

Experiment: Falling sphere viscosimeter, Supplement, 8000574 [UE1080350S], Mechanics of Liquids and Gases
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Objective: Determine the dynamic viscosity of an aqueous solution of glycerine

Dynamic viscosity, the coefficient of proportionality between velocity gradient and sheer stress in a liquid, characterises how difficult it is for an object to flow through the liquid. This can be measured using a falling sphere viscosimeter of a type designed by Höppler. It is also possible to make temperature- independent measurements in conjunction with a circulation thermostat. Measurements are made in an experiment involving an aqueous solution of glycerine. This allows the way that viscosity depends on temperature to be described by the Andrade equation.

Additionally required:
Basic equipment UE1080350-230 or UE1080350-115

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Set of 10 Beakers,600 ml, Low Form, 1002872 [U14210], Density and Volume

Set of 10 Beakers,600 ml, Low Form

1002872 [U14210]
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Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml, 1002870 [U14205], Density and Volume

Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml

1002870 [U14205]
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Item No.: 8000574 [UE1080350S]
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