Experiment: First- and Second-Class Levers

Experiment: First- and Second-Class Levers, 8000522 [UE1020200], Forces
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Objective: Verification of the law of the lever

The law of the lever follows from the equilibrium of moments, which works for all three classes of lever. It represents the physical basis for all kinds of mechanical transmission of force.

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Lever, 1008539 [U8552001], Simple Machines


1008539 [U8552001]
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Precision Dynamometer 2 N, 1003105 [U20033], Dynamometers

Precision Dynamometer 2 N

1003105 [U20033]
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Precision Dynamometer 5 N, 1003106 [U20034], Dynamometers

Precision Dynamometer 5 N

1003106 [U20034]
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Item No.: 8000522 [UE1020200]
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