Experiment: Line Spectra, Supplement

Experiment: Line Spectra, Supplement, 8000710 [UE5020150S], Atomic shells
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Objective: Carry out high-precision measurements of absorption and emission lines

The resolution of a spectrometer is often assessed in terms of whether the two sodium D-lines can be distinguished. This experiment uses a digital spectrometer with the resolution to do this.

Aditionally required: Basic equipment UE5020150-230 or UE5020150-115.

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Spectral Lamp Hg 100, 1003545 [U8476870], Spectrum Tubes and Spectrum Lamps

Spectral Lamp Hg 100

1003545 [U8476870]
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Spectral Lamp Hg/Cd, 1003546 [U8476875], Spectrum Tubes and Spectrum Lamps

Spectral Lamp Hg/Cd

1003546 [U8476875]
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$ 422.00
Item No.: 8000710 [UE5020150S]
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