Experiment: Q-switching for Nd:YAG laser

Experiment: Q-switching for Nd:YAG laser, 8000697 [UE4070320], Laser
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Objective: Q-switching circuit for Nd:YAG laser with Cr:YAG module

Q-switching of a laser makes it possible to generate short, high-energy pulses. It works by controlling the laser threshold by increasing or decreasing resonator losses. You are to implement a passive Q-switching circuit with the help of a Cr:YAG module and then record the laser pulsing over time. The energy of the pulses can be calculated from the average power and the frequency with which they are repeated.

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Optical bench

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Padded transport case

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HF Patch Cord, BNC/4 mm Plug

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$ 45.00
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HF Patch Cord, 1m

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$ 26.00
Infra-Red Detector Card, 1017879 [U10530], Solid-State Laser Physics

Infra-Red Detector Card

1017879 [U10530]
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$ 310.00
Item No.: 8000697 [UE4070320]
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