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Calling all budding scientists and mathematics geniuses - our Wiz Kid Shop is just for you! The 7 In 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers is a great way to learn about solar energy and the Salt Water Fuel Cell Arachnid Kit is a creepy-crawly way to learn about salt water fuel. Our Solar Bugs require no assembly and has always been a top seller. If chemistry is more up their alley, the Brew It Youself Caveman Cola is sure to please. What budding genius doesn't like bubble gum? The Do It Yourself Bubble Gum Workshop is a clever way to combine science in the kitchen. Finally, be sure to deck that budding chemist out in the hottest outfit available, the Baby Genius Onesie and Baby Genius Toddler Tee.
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Airplane Art Bank,U49403

Airplane Art Bank

$ 5.00 $ 3.75
Item: U49403

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Periodic Table Playing Cards, double deck,U49750P

Periodic Table Playing Cards, double deck

$ 19.00 $ 10.00
Item: U49750P

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Human Skeleton Playing Cards,U49750S

Human Skeleton Playing Cards

$ 10.00 $ 5.00
Item: U49750S

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Operation Star Wars R2-D2 Game,W49387G

Operation Star Wars R2-D2 Game

$ 31.95 $ 25.88
Item: W49387G

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Dinosaur Shower Curtain,W49395D

Dinosaur Shower Curtain

$ 39.00 $ 19.00
Item: W49395D

Me and Schrodinger Toddler Tee - Natural, Blue or Pink,W49462SN-2T

Me and Schrodinger Toddler Tee - Natural, Blue or Pink

From $ 13.23
Item: W49462SN-2T

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Darwin Little Thinker,W64003D

Darwin Little Thinker

$ 20.00 $ 10.66
Item: W64003D

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Florence Nightingale Little Thinker,W64003FN

Florence Nightingale Little Thinker

$ 20.00 $ 10.66
Item: W64003FN

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Jane Austen Little Thinker,W64003JA

Jane Austen Little Thinker

$ 20.00 $ 9.78
Item: W64003JA

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William Shakespeare Little Thinker,W64003S

William Shakespeare Little Thinker

$ 24.00 $ 10.66
Item: W64003S

Pavlov’s Dog Magnet & Finger Puppet,W64006P

Pavlov’s Dog Magnet & Finger Puppet

$ 3.45
Item: W64006P

Great Scientists Finger Puppet Set,W64009

Great Scientists Finger Puppet Set

$ 13.03
Item: W64009

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Shakespeare's Hamlet Finger Puppet Set

$ 13.03 $ 12.65
Item: W64009S

Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit,W64027MTK

Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit

$ 20.00
Item: W64027MTK

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T-Rex Aluminum Dinosaur Kit,W64029REX

T-Rex Aluminum Dinosaur Kit

$ 15.95
Item: W64029REX

Stegosaurus Aluminum Dinosaur Kit,W64029S

Stegosaurus Aluminum Dinosaur Kit

$ 15.95
Item: W64029S

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Triceratops Aluminum Dinosaur Kit,W64029T

Triceratops Aluminum Dinosaur Kit

$ 15.95
Item: W64029T

Da Vinci Catapult Kit,W64067

Da Vinci Catapult Kit

$ 30.00
Item: W64067

Mathy Temporary Tattoos,W64085

Mathy Temporary Tattoos

$ 5.00
Item: W64085

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Computery Temporary Tattoos,W64085C

Computery Temporary Tattoos

$ 6.00 $ 3.45
Item: W64085C

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Play & Freeze® Ice Cream 4-Pack Flavor Fountain,W64282

Play & Freeze® Ice Cream 4-Pack Flavor Fountain

$ 7.11 $ 6.54
Item: W64282

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Walking Robotic Pencil Sharpener,W64503R

Walking Robotic Pencil Sharpener

$ 10.00 $ 4.60
Item: W64503R

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ChillBots Robot Ice Tray,W64516C

ChillBots Robot Ice Tray

$ 11.00 $ 4.89
Item: W64516C

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YumBots, Robot Cupcake Molds,W64519R

YumBots, Robot Cupcake Molds

$ 24.00 $ 10.35
Item: W64519R

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Lazy Bows - 3D Gift Wrap,W64524

Lazy Bows - 3D Gift Wrap

$ 12.00 $ 5.18
Item: W64524