Forensic Wounds Simulation Training Kit

Forensic Wounds Simulation Training Kit, 1005772 [W44646], Moulage and Wound Simulation
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This basic trauma evidence-gathering unit contains a series of wounds created specifically for teaching crime scene analysis and forensic scene reconstruction.

The details in the wounds are designed to determine types of weapons, direction of force, and other related details that only come with realistic trauma reproduction. This innovative kit contains carefully sculpted models of injuries taken from actual victim's wounds and viewed by forensic educational professionals insuring real-scene representations of trauma commonly found on violent crime victims.

This kit is a must for any applied program of wound study. Materials in this kit will provide first time exposure for the novice as well as continued training for the professional already in the field. From simple puncture wounds associate with sharp instrument trauma to firearms entry and exit wounds, this kit is critical in studying the methodology of crime scene reconstruction based on wound demographics. Can you recognize pattern ligature in strangulation? What was the murder weapon? What does a single bladed knife stab wound look like compared to a double edge wound. What are the difference between the wound of mechanism for suicide and hesitation marks? Each of these and more are addressed with a kit that also includes moulage wax, coagulant blood, and a selection of makeup for bruising, blanching and lividity.

The entire case is packed in a sturdy carrying case for protection and ease of transportation to the training site. 24 different wounds in the kit; 72 pieces in all.


Item No. 1005772 [W44646]
MPN: PP00700U / SB40136U
Item No.: 1005772 [W44646]
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