Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid - Dermalike II™ Latex Free

Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid - Dermalike II™ Latex Free, 1017971 [W46519], Injections and Punctures
Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid - Dermalike II™ Latex Free, 1017971 [W46519], Injections and Punctures
Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid - Dermalike II™ Latex Free, 1017971 [W46519], Injections and Punctures
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This Venipuncture Training Aid has four barely discernable blue veins in three different sizes – with a fourth vein more deeply placed in our proprietary Dermalike II™ semi-transparent flesh colored material. Your patients don’t have one size of veins, so why practice and learn on a “one size vein fits all” IV arm? Many clinicians have commented when using various other IV training models, “I wish all our patients had veins this big”. This model permits clinicians to learn technique and gain initial confidence when accessing the larger veins before moving to the smaller more difficult to access veins.

These models were specifically designed to make accessing more challenging, as this is how technique and confidence are improved. The veins are palpable across the surface of the soft tissue-like material – feels just like the real thing! The hand-eye coordination and tactile feel experienced on these models easily transfers to patient care. When accessing, the skin rolls as the vein is palpated. Many hospitals and home health sites utilize these training aids to insure that the competency of all staff members is assessed, maintained, demonstrated and improved continually.

Made with Dermalike II™ material, this model provides 53% less needle drag when accessing the underlying veins and improved tear resistance to permit a greater number of needle “sticks”. The excessive force necessary to access the latex veins still used by other manufacturers is not needed with Dermalike II™. Model comes with a snap-on cover to protect the tissue pad when stored. 100% latex free. These cost effective, small, lightweight and non-staining models are a great tool for staff to practice technique and gain confidence when doing vascular access.”
Item No.: 1017971 [W46519]
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Product Information
Weight 1.5 lb
Dimensions 6.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 in
Brand VATA
MPN: 1354
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