Friction Measuring Apparatus

Friction Measuring Apparatus, 1009942 [U8405120], Friction
$ 605.00
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Demonstration apparatus with movable friction surface for measuring static and dynamic friction between two surfaces as a function of area, force between the surfaces or the combination of materials. For easy measurement of dynamic friction, the movable surface is moved at constant speed under a static body connected to a dynamometer. The friction track can be inclined along its length in order to vary the force between the two surfaces.
  • Dimensions: 600x140x150 mm³
  • Weight: 3 kg

Basic apparatus with movable friction surface, 2 N dynamometer, three different static bodies, three rails for holding static bodies, three 100 g weights.

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Item No.: 1009942 [U8405120]
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Weight 5.91 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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