Frog Histology (RANA) Set - 12 Slides

Frog Histology (RANA) Set - 12 Slides, W5A3B-07, English
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MULTIMEDIA-PACKAGE Includes: Plastic box for the slides, 6 OHP Transparencies, 12 Sketch- and Worksheets, Brochure with
explanatory text.
• Frog, lung t.s., simple sac-like respiratory organ
• Frog, blood smear, shows nucleated red corpuscles
• Frog, stomach t.s., glandular epithelium
• Frog, small intestine t.s., folds of intestinal membrane, chyle
• Frog, large intestine (colon) t.s., goblet cells
• Frog, liver t.s., showing liver parenchyma cells and bile ducts
• Frog, ovary t.s. shows follicle development, formation of yolk
• Frog, testis t.s. showing spermatogenesis and mature spermatozoa
• Frog, heart l.s. through the entire organ
• Frog, tongue t.s., papillae, glands, muscles
• Frog, skin t.s., skin glands, epidermis, pigment cells
• Frog, brain t.s. showing nerve cells.
Item No.: W5A3B-07
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