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Stan the Standard Skeleton is the founding father of our company. He came to life back in the 1940's and he's still our #1 product. However, if you're after smaller and perhaps spookier Halloween paraphernalia may we suggest the Bone Salt & Pepper Shakers or the best selling Gingerdead Men? If a party is on the calendar be sure to get som Bone Chillers Ice Tray or the Brain Freeze Ice Trays - both of which can also be used as Jell-O molds for extra spookyness. Serve up in style with the Bone Collector Candy Dish or the Bone Collector Dip Bowl & Spreader Set - both made of handpainted earthernware.
Glow in the Dark Skull Model, 1000050 [A20/N], Halloween Bones and Gifts

Glow in the Dark Skull Model

$ 165.00
Item: 1000050 [A20/N]
3 year warranty

Classic Brain, 5 part, 1000226 [C18], Halloween Bones and Gifts

Classic Brain, 5 part

$ 226.00
Item: 1000226 [C18]
3 year warranty

Glow-in-the-Dark Dancing Skeleton Boxershorts - XL, W40053, Halloween Bones and Gifts

Glow-in-the-Dark Dancing Skeleton Boxershorts - XL

$ 13.71 $ 12.62
Item: W40053

Anatomical T-Shirt Skeleton, XL, 1005503 [W41011], Halloween Bones and Gifts

Anatomical T-Shirt Skeleton, XL

$ 10.33 $ 10.00
Item: 1005503 [W41011]

Finger Bone Pen, 1003646 [W10700], Halloween Bones and Gifts

Finger Bone Pen

$ 4.00
Item: 1003646 [W10700]

Eye Key Rings, 1003648 [W10702], Halloween Bones and Gifts

Eye Key Rings

$ 3.00 $ 1.69
Item: 1003648 [W10702]

Mini-Skeleton for Mini-Budget, 1005099 [W18001/1], Halloween Bones and Gifts

Mini-Skeleton for Mini-Budget

$ 67.00
Item: 1005099 [W18001/1]

Necktie "Going one step further", Pink - Silk, 1005525 [W41066], Halloween Bones and Gifts

Necktie "Going one step further", Pink - Silk

$ 27.00 $ 14.58
Item: 1005525 [W41066]

Bone Chillers Ice Tray, W64516B, Halloween Bones and Gifts

Bone Chillers Ice Tray

$ 10.00 $ 7.50
Item: W64516B

NomSkulls - Kooky Creepy Cupcake Molds, W64519S, Halloween Bones and Gifts

NomSkulls - Kooky Creepy Cupcake Molds

$ 16.00 $ 8.00
Item: W64519S

The Bone Collector Salt & Pepper Shaker, W64540SP, Halloween Bones and Gifts

The Bone Collector Salt & Pepper Shaker

$ 9.00
Item: W64540SP

The Bone Collector Three Section Server, W64540TSS, Halloween Bones and Gifts

The Bone Collector Three Section Server

$ 15.63 $ 14.38
Item: W64540TSS

Skull Earbuds, W64702E, Halloween Bones and Gifts

Skull Earbuds

$ 7.50 $ 6.90
Item: W64702E

Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder, W64800, Halloween Bones and Gifts

Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder

$ 30.88 $ 28.41
Item: W64800