Headache Ice Pillow™ with Ice Pack

Headache Ice Pillow™ with Ice Pack, W56036, Chilling Units and Cold Packs
Headache Ice Pillow™ with Ice Pack, W56036, Chilling Units and Cold Packs
$ 39.66
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Core Products Headache Ice Pillow recently earned the Health & Wellness Seal of Approval from the National Health and Wellness Clubs, scoring high in ease of use, quality and performance.

The Ice Pillow features time-honored and medically recommended cold therapy treatment for migraine and tension headaches. Also helps pinched nerves, stiffness, sprains, neck injuries or other traumas. Great for travel. Use for sleeping or reading.

Cold pack is removable.

Optional Pillow case # W56039


Item No. W56036
Brand Core
MPN: 235
Item No.: W56036
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