Heart Catheterization Simulator

Heart Catheterization Simulator, 1017260 [W44015], Catheterization
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Now you can train residents and staff in the techniques of performing central venous catheterization using the TPN Simulator.

All appropriate landmarks are palpable for realistic identification of insertion sites. Synthetic skin may be removed from shoulder to reveal dissected musculature and location of veins, arteries, and other landmarks.

With the skin in place, you can actually insert the needle introducer. The tactile sensation is dramatically realistic. Artificial blood is connected to provide confirmation of proper needle location when “blood” flows from needle, just like the real thing!

Venous catheters can be snaked into place once the introducer is properly inserted. Use of a Swan-Ganz catheter is possible. Skin and veins will stand up to repeated puncture to allow training by dozens of staff members. The skin and veins are easily replaced once worn.

Also practice
  • proper care of the puncture site and parenteral administration of fluids
  • measuring central venous pressure
  • bandaging techniques with no fear of infection or other harm to a patient
In emergency medical training programs, practice delivery of large volumes of fluids in trauma. Inject for swift action as required for cardiac life support procedures.

Includes fluid supply bags, replaceable skin, tubing sealant, needles, one quart of blood, and teaching guide in a hard carry case. Fluid supply stand not included. 

Item No.: 1017260 [W44015]
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Brand Life/form
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