Heat Equivalent Apparatus

Heat Equivalent Apparatus, 1002658 [U10365], Equivalent of Heat
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Apparatus for determining the specific heat capacity of aluminium and for confirming the energy conservation law. The robust heat equivalent apparatus consists of a shaft with ball bearings at both ends, an integrated counter for measuring the number of revolutions performed and an attached table clamp for securing the device. The aluminium calorimeter body heats up as a result of frictional work or electrical energy from the integrated heating element. An NTC thermistor, acting as a temperature sensor and located in an aluminium case, determines the temperature. The calculation can be performed easily using the temperature calibration table printed on the apparatus.
Length:                                               approx. 230 mm
Span of the table clamp:                  10 – 65 mm
Cord length:                                       approx. 1.80 m
Calorimeter body:                             approx. 50 mm x 48 mm dia.
Electric heater power:                      10 V, 1 A
Heating element connection:           2 mm sockets
Weight calorimeter:                          approx. 250 g
Total weight:                                      approx. 1200 g
1 Basic unit
1 Aluminium calorimeter
1 Temperature sensor
1 Pair of adaptor cables with 4 mm safety plugs/2 mm plugs
1 Friction belt
1 Bucket, 5 l
1 Counterweight

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Item No.: 1002658 [U10365]
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