Hormones and Hormone System - English

W13212: Hormones and Hormone System - English

Hormones and Hormone System - English

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Atlas of 42 OHP Transparencies comprising 116 color pictures, with several component figures.

Part I. Effect of thyroxin therapy on a child -The human thyroid gland, situs -Exocrine and endocrine glands, diagrams -The human hormone glands -Human Thyroid gland t.s. -Effect of thyroxin on Amblystoma -Acceleration of tadpole development by thyroxine -Inhibition of growth of rabbits, thyroxine deficiency -Myxedema before and after thyroxin treatment -Cretinism caused by insufficiency of thyroid -Cretin with goiter -Endemic cretinism -Relations between iodine and goiter -Control of goiter with iodine salt -Basedow’s disease -The parathyroid glands, situs -The pancreas, situs -Islet of Langerhans, t.s. -Control of blood sugar level by insulin and glucagon -Kidney and adrenal gland, l.s. -Kidneys and adrenal glands of rabbit, situs -Human kidney and adrenal gland -Adrenal gland, t.s. -Control of blood sugar level by adrenalin -Child with “moonface” due to cortical tumor -Bull and ox, effect of castration -Castrated fowl, effect of castration on rooster and hen -Castrated rooster before and after treatment with sex hormone -Testis of mammal, t.s. -Interstitial cells of Leydig, t.s. -Human ovary, diagrammatic figure -Ovary with follicles t.s. -Effect of follicle hormone on growth of uterus -Corpus luteum t.s. -Location of pituitary gland and pinal body -Human pituitary gland, l.s. -Human pituitary gland, t.s. of anterior lobe -Inhibition of growth of a dog by pituitary removal -Pituitary dwarfism in humans -Gigantism in humans -Acromegaly of human -Adiposogenital dystrophy (Froehlich’s syndrome) -Gonadotrophic pituitary effects on ovary -Relations between endocrine glands, diagram -Thymus of juvenile and adult person -Thymus gland with Hassal bodies t.s. -Delayed development of tadpoles caused by feeding thymus -Comparison of feeding thyroid with feeding thymus.

Part II. Feedback on thyroid hormones, loop scheme -do. hierarchic scheme -General scheme of feedback circuit -Feedback circuit for blood thyroxin level -Neurosecretory cells in hypothalamus (TRH) -Hypothalamus and pituitary gland l.s. -Neurosecretory cells and vessels for TRH and TSH -Development of pituitary and thyroid gland -Thyroid follicles and functional states -Effect of TSH on thyroid gland -Biosynthesis, storage, effect of thyroxin -Effect of inhibitors on secretion of thyroid -Blood calcium level, parathormone, calcitonin -Regulation of the blood calcium level -Synthesis of human insulin -Island of Langerhans -Regulation of blood sugar level by A- and B-cells -Homeostatic regulating mechanism of the blood glucose -Development of the adrenal gland -The function of the adrenal medulla -Biosynthesis of adrenaline, Beta-receptor blocker -Effect of noradrenaline and adrenaline -Second messenger and cascade mechanism at glycogenolysis -Effect of catecholamines -Daily stress and lack of exercise -Structure and nomenclature of cortical hormones -Effects of renine and aldosterone -Feedback mechanism on the secretion of aldosterone - do. corticosterone -Feedback mechanism in the production of corticosterone -Corticosterone affects gene activity -Effects of corticosterone - Increasing population density inhibits reproduction -Stress and animal breeding -Effects of nicotine and caffeine -Adrenal androgenes -Development of the gonads -Leydig’s cells and Sertoli’s cells -Control of secretory action of male gonads -Secondary sex characters in humans -Recessive hereditary receptor defect causes female phenotype -The effect of anabolica -Control of ovarian functions -Processes during the menstrual cycle -Pregnancy: hormonal control by the blastocyst -do. by the placenta -The antibaby pill - hormonal contraception -Stimulation of milk production -Long bones with epiphyseal line -Growth in length of a long bone -Hormonal control of growth -Hormone release in the posterior pituitary -Structure and effect of oxytocin -Effects of vasopressin -Hormone production in an insect -Juvenile hormone and moulting hormone -The cooperation of hormones during moulting -Moulting hormone ecdysone influences pattern of puffs -Quantitative analysis of hormones) -Gibberellines promote growth -Germinating grain (drawing) -Germinating grain (photomacrograph) -Growth of animal and plant cells -Somatotropic hormon indolacetic acid -Polar movement of auxin in the coleoptile tip -Positive phototropism of coleoptile tip -Lateral illumination causes redistribution of auxin -Flavoprotein as a photoreceptor.
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