HotPac 10 x 24"

HotPac 10 x 24", W49881, Hot Packs
HotPac 10 x 24", W49881, Hot Packs
$ 19.00

Hot & Cold Pack, Terry Cover Sizes:

Spine Small
Spine Large
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The Original Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPACs for effective hot therapy. Since the HotPac introduction in 1947, thousands of doctors and therapists have insisted on this classic treatment modality.

Eight HotPAC sizes are designed to fit every body contour for hot therapy. HotPacs are easy-to-use, just immerse in your Hydrocollator® Heating Unit, then remove and wrap in terry cover and toweling and apply to treatment area. Provides up to 30 minutes of deep, soothing, moist heat in hot therapy. Color-coded tabs on most HotPACs for easy clinic rotation. Best of all, they are cost effective and provide hundreds of hot therapy treatments from each HotPac. HotPac has one year warranty.

Chattanooga 1010 HotPac 10 x 24"


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Item No.: W49881
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Brand Chattanooga
MPN: 1010
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